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Surprise, fear, or excitement when you yourself wake up in a completely unfamiliar place? At the same time, a very difficult problem comes to you; you have amnesia, no clues or memories of yourself left in your brain. Not only that, when you wake up, the first thing you see is soldiers with hostile faces surrounding you. All those scary and slightly amusing incidents all appear in Guilty Parade.


In exchange for his own safety, Nemo – the male protagonist of this story, goes on a mysterious mission. He is tasked with investigating a secret crime in exchange for the protection of his commander. Did everything work out successfully from the first mission, or did Nemo encounter countless other dangers? To investigate the secrets, to solve important cases, he joined the elite army. While performing many important tasks at the same time, he needed to gain the trust of his teammates in order to find the culprit.

Impossible to predict any events in Guilty Parade; all dangers may suddenly come to Nemo. Will he have the courage to face all things? Behind those murders, is it simply a robbery murder, or does it contain even more shocking secrets? Will everything be revealed, or is it just speculation and forever a mystery? And in the end, will your teammates still be your teammates, or will they be your enemies for a moment?

Guilty Parade [Mystery visual novel]


Nemo – a young man with amnesia, has to risk joining the army to become a spy, which helps because he must gain the trust of his commander. In stark contrast to him, another character – Lien – is a child of war. He must have endured a lot of humiliation and pain as well, but he lived a completely different life. He is fearless about his obsession with being killed by black apostates, and more than that, he lives with a desire to avenge his loved ones.

Guilty Parade [Mystery visual novel]


In Guilty Parade, you need to understand the situation in order to act clearly. What happens before your eyes is not necessarily the truth, you need to clearly investigate the mystery. Use your wits to uncover long-buried clues, then your chance to act really comes. Finding clues is very important, then it is up to you to make the dangerous choice, to carry out the task yourself to be able to identify the culprit.


This is not just a thrilling action-adventure game; it can be said that the perfect combination of two different genres, visual novel, and Point & Click in Guilty Parade has given many important clues. It helps you form important meanings and act independently around the main base. It is also the only benefit that allows you to interact with objects and characters.

Guilty Parade [Mystery visual novel]


Many characters have many unique traits, more than that, they may seem quirky and interesting, but don’t worry, you can make friends with them and more. Each choice greatly affects your actions and results. It is necessary to make the correct choice and not affect the future. Nemo – not only a crime investigation character, he also has to learn to live in a harsh world and must think twice before taking action.

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