Potion Punch v6.7.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Diamond) Download

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Potion Punch brings you a drug store full of monstrosities. As a boss, bartender, chef, and waiter, you will have to do everything to meet customers’ needs. I’m sure you’ll never meet a shop with more monstrous customers than in this game. Faced with countless bizarre things, what will you have to do to win the complex challenges? Use all your intelligence and flexibility to succeed.

All the characters and stories that you meet in this game are incredibly bizarre and exciting. You will be the boss of a drug store full of ghosts, with drugs that look pretty mysterious. Your store also has humanoid ginseng plants, even gecko meat or something like that. Of course, your customers are also very different, and they are monsters, dwarves, ordinary people, or even goblins, …

To win in Potion Punch, you will have to be really flexible, agile, and smart. Your job is to prepare medicines, prepare dishes to serve your customers. With the ingredients available in the store, you need to serve to please them quickly depending on the customer’s request. Each customer has a certain amount of time to wait, so it is essential to serve them correctly to avoid confusion and store bankruptcy.

However, the attraction of Potion Punch is that it gradually increases the difficulty through each level. Later, more and more customers will come; they also make more requests, even complicated requests. Sometimes you have to create an invite to serve your customers. Remember the color mixing rule; it will help you a lot in this game.

After prosperous serving times, you will receive rewards. Use your earned cash and proceed to upgrade your store. Expand it to the fullest, buy new equipment, hire more people, or even open your own express branch. The more work you do, the more stressful it will be, making you happier. Hire expensive managers, and they will help you work even when you are away; it will create a vast source of income.

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