Zero City v1.29.0 MOD APK (High Damage) Download for Android

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Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival (MOD, One Hit) allows players to develop the last stronghold with expansive options and retrieve the lost civilization artifacts from a zombie-filled world.

Zombie is no longer a new topic for many players, but it gives them a specific attraction. These monsters possess many different shapes and characteristics and share the same trait. It is possible to infect and bring to the end of the world as more people gradually become infected. Since then, only a few people have survived and found ways to overcome this situation. If you are a lover of this theme and want to experience an authentic life after the apocalypse, you cannot ignore the game Zero City: Last Bunker, Shelter & Survival Games.


Zero City gives you beautiful graphics with the things in the game designed in detail. At the same time, when you start to experience the game, you can see the desolate landscape of the post-apocalyptic world. So, for players who love this genre, the images are entirely relevant and will draw them into the world that the game brings.

For this game, players will not participate in first-person or third-person zombie carnage battles. They will see everything in a 2D plane; the viewing angle is perfectly reasonable when you experience this game. This game is primarily focused on managing bases where zombie-inflicted post-apocalyptic refugees shelter. You will be the manager of this shelter and make sure their lives are completely stable over time.



Zero City brings you many different exciting experiences, and one of them is to help the life of human survivors in the bunker be more stable. Specifically, it requires that you need to find a way to build a shelter with various factors and enable those people to live in it automatically. At the same time, gradual living also brings other experiences.

As you begin to build your first steps, many things will appear before your eyes, and you will pay attention. Specifically, the stabilization of life is just the first step in many other efforts in this game. There will be lots of different spaces and rooms for you to build other things in the shelter. So, after acquiring a certain number of characters, you can organize them into various specializations.


You will spend a lot of time building your base increasingly modern with defensive structures and no diversity before the apocalypse, where there are food shops, weapons shops, and many other places. So there will be various rooms with various functions you can choose from, and over time new things will appear and fill your shelter. Indeed you will feel satisfied when your small civilization can live stably and achieve inevitable development.


Once you have built a safe place for many people, that is not the goal of this game. Those are just the beginning steps in a world full of zombies. You can find specialized rooms to produce weapons, costumes, and technical items in combat during the game. It is necessary to take part in battles with bloodthirsty zombies. In addition to the base’s fortified defenses, you can also send different groups to expedite the world. Each time you will face many zombies, you will surely equip your character with many weapons to fight them. So there will always be specific pressures that you will have to pay attention to and will be something you will love.


Once you have successfully equipped a weapon, you will be confident when participating in many different gameplay levels. Players will participate in an automatic match where you can see both sides’ health counts. Simultaneously, the two will attack each other, and after a while, you will know the winner. There will be support items that you can use to contribute to the game screen’s victor during the game. So keep your team strong against zombies.


In Zero City, one factor that can be confirmed is that you are not the only survivor. So, besides gradually managing the public in the shelter and confronting zombies, you can participate in battles with other players to experience their potential. So, this is also an opportunity for you to assert yourself with happiness after each victory.


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